About this website:
While not trying to reinvent the wheel here with yet another ham radio website I am bringing to you some information, images, videos, software, links and other things I think are helpful to all amateur operators, probably more so towards new operators rather then the old school operators. I’m also posting some stuff for entertainment as well. Even old school guys might find something interesting or remember something they may have forgot about. As with most websites this website will always be getting new things added and probably some old dated stuff removed so I hope you find it informative and interesting enough to keep coming back.

About w0zzt:
All around long hair country boy.

Ham Radio:
If you are a local in Kansas you can find me and a few others on 2 meter FM @ 146.520 Mhz (aka the 520 Crew) fairly regular in the evenings, Other than being on the 2 meter side I also tune around the HF bands looking for new contacts and listening to QSO’s and nets around the bands. Besides amateur radio I also enjoy listening to the scanner and shortwave radio. In the evenings when I’m just hanging around on the 80/75 meter band I am usually just tuning up and down the band till I find something interesting, if you would like to make a contact listen for my call and try to work me.

My Business:
You can visit my business site if you like by clicking on the image below.
Visual Media Fx

Survivalist and Prepper:
You can visit my Survivalist and Prepper site if you like by clicking on the image below.
Home Style Survival

All around musician:
Blues, Country, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and much more.
Guitar 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric – main instruments.
Base guitar – a sometimes instrument.
Piano – The good ol 88’s – rarely ever any more.

All around sportsman:
Fishing, Hunting, Drag Boating, Harley’s, Watching all the wildlife and pretty much anything to do with nature.

I started learning about computers in the 80’s, In 1994 after years of learning how and why the personal computer and the internet was going to change the world as we knew it. It was time to come up with a business name which after some trial and errors ended up being The Computer Techs. The Computer Techs set out to design custom built personal computer systems, custom Linux server systems, website designs, custom graphics, complete computer services and networking.

The Computer Techs name changed to Dragon Technologies in 1998 when we partnered with a company from the UK forming Dragon Technologies.

Dragon Technologies remained successful both in the USA and UK through out all of the the ups and downs of the dot com era and economic changes along with several upgrades and changes in technology, the world wide web and the internet.

Over the years the ever growing popularity of point and click software for the amateur web designer, the economic recession of 2008, and the untimely death of my overseas partner, Dragon Technologies decided to move forward and discontinue some of it’s services.

In mid summer of 2013 Dragon Technologies closed up shop and changed it’s business name to Visual Media Fx and thus completely restructured the business so we could concentrate solely on our applications and software development for today’s constantly changing online communications, social networking services and the slow economic recovery.

The core of the company has matured along with the internet and technology since our early days, but our desire to produce the best solutions available to our customers has never changed. We are always learning and looking for new up to date technology and ways of delivering the best websites and software applications possible.

We design custom software that is intended to be used in a responsible and legal manner.
I do not design software that contains any illegal coding or programming such as datamining, malware, viruses or any other means of deception.

See ya on the bands.