Links to software sites I’ve come across. Some I’ve used and some I haven’t. I’ll add more as time permits.

Know This:
A lot of the software(s) you will find are dated and for use on older pc’s and still 32 bit so be sure to read and understand what you are downloading from the other sites.
I make no guarantee or warranty of any kind what so ever for the installation, use or other wise obtaining the software(s) you choose to download and / or install on your pc’s.
Do yourself a favor and double check what ever software you intend to use will work for you and your computer system.

Links to off site software(s)

SDRplay EchoLink WSPR Ham Radio Deluxe
Hamuniverse MMSTV Digipan Linux Software
Easypal and MMSSTV DX and Contest

Antenna Design Programs:
These are great little programs that you can download from VESQB website.
Provided by VE3SQB

Antenna Design Programs