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Dr. Tamitha Skov – Space Weather Woman Website

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Helioviewer – pretty cool

Space Weather Prediction Center

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  • G1 storm watch issued by NOAA June 25, 2018
    The NOAA SWPC has a minor G1 geomagnetic storm watch in effect for Wednesday, 27 June.
  • Quiet space weather, Coronal hole June 16, 2018
    The beginning of June has been very quiet when it comes to space weather. While we did reach minor G1 geomagnetic storm conditions back on the very first day of this month, no other space weather events have occurred which are worth mentioning. The solar wind conditions at Earth have been very underwhelming for a […]
  • Coronal hole faces Earth, G1 watch issued May 29, 2018
    Sunspot region 2712 didn't manage to develop further since we wrote about it yesterday and has been pretty quiet today with only a couple of B-class solar flares. However, sunspot region 2712 is not the center of our attention today. Indeed, a coronal hole takes the spotlight today. A southern hemisphere coronal hole close to […]
  • Sunspot region 2712 May 28, 2018
    Summer is upon us in the northern hemisphere and that means very little aurora sightings. The fact that we are in a very quiet space weather period doesn't help either of course but after a long and cold winter these warm rays of sunshine are very much welcome. Right? Or are you starting to experience […]
  • ''A shadow of its former self'' May 14, 2018
    A lot of aurora enthusiasts have put 17 May in their agenda as a possible date for some enhanced geomagnetic activity and thus auroral displays. Why? Because that is the date that a coronal hole solar wind stream is expected to arrive at Earth from a coronal hole that managed to give us moderate G2 […]
  • Coronal hole faces Earth May 3, 2018
    We've been in a very quiet space weather period for a while now but we have finally something interesting to report about! A transequatorial coronal hole is facing our planet today and sending a high speed solar wind stream towards us!