Below are some links to all things solar and space weather activity’s. I’ll add more as time permits.

Dr. Tamitha Skov – Space Weather Woman Website

Dr. Tamitha Skov – Space Weather Woman YouTube Channel

Helioviewer – pretty cool

Space Weather Prediction Center

Solar Dynamics Observatory


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  • April... The month of solar minimum? March 31, 2020
    Hello everyone and welcome to April. Could this month be a turn around point for us solar watchers? Is Solar Cycle 25 about to start? Understandable questions which we will shed some light on later in this article.
  • Welcome back DSCOVR! March 2, 2020
    Some great news to kick of the new month with! NOAA's Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite is fully operational again!
  • Coronal hole faces Earth February 28, 2020
    Space weather has been relatively uneventful this week. Our Sun is quiet as we are close to solar minimum. No sunspot regions could be found on the earth-facing solar disk this week. We do see two small bright regions on STEREO Ahead but they look small and inactive. When it comes to auroral activity we […]
  • Solar Orbiter successfully launched into space February 10, 2020
    An American Atlas V rocket has successfully launched the European Solar Orbiter satellite into space during the early hours of 10 February. This unmanned space probe is Europe's newest solar observatory which will start to study our Sun in just under two years from now. Its main mission is set to begin in November of […]
  • Coronal hole, Transit to Solar Cycle 25 February 8, 2020
    A coronal hole is facing our planet today. It is a slim southern extension of the northern hemisphere polar coronal hole. The effects of this coronal hole could reach Earth on Monday (10 February) as a high speed solar wind stream could sweep past our planet and spark some more high latitude aurora displays.
  • Happy New Year! January 1, 2020
    Happy New Year everyone! Congratulations on surviving yet another trip around our Sun!