While not trying to reinvent the wheel here with yet another ham radio website I am bringing to you some information, images, videos, software, links and other things I think are helpful to all amateur operators.

Just a long hair country boy and musician.

Survivalist, Prepper, Fishing, Hunting, Drag Boating, Harley’s, Sailing Vessels (Yachts), Scuba Diving, Watching all the wildlife and Sea Critters pretty much anything to do with nature.
Blues, Country, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and much more.
Guitar 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric – main instruments.
Base guitar – a sometimes instrument.
Piano – The good ol 88’s – rarely ever any more.

My Station:

Radios: Kenwood TS 850s Kenwood TM 281
Meters: 1 – Diawa CN 901 2 – Diawa CN 801
Ampilifer: Ameritron AL-811
Antenna Switch: Ameritron RCS-V8

Palstar AT2K
Audio: 2 Behringer Xeynx 802 mixers
  Presonus studio monitors
Mic: Heil PR 781 – used on 2M and HF
  Heil Mic Boom
Antennas: 2 meter Tram 1481 20 meter Double Bazooka
  40 meter Double Bazooka 80 meter Double Bazooka

My Business:

You can visit my business site if you like by clicking on the image below.
Visual Media Fx Premier Website Designs

Survivalist and Prepper:

You can visit my Survivalist and Prepper site if you like by clicking on the image below.
Home Style Survival

Vintage CB Magazine Covers:

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