Antenna’s come in several configurations and from store bought to home brew.

Vertical ground plane mono band, dual band and tri band. Jpole and Dipole.
Horizontal beams, Vertical beams, Combination of horizontal and vertical beams and double bazooka.

Historical Note:
The antenna type that we commonly refer to as a Yagi was first developed in the late 1920’s by two professors, Shintaro Uda and Hidetsugu Yagi at Tohoku University in Japan. While the antenna was mainly developed by Uda, Professor Yagi popularized the antenna design in the US and elsewhere through various conference presentations. Yagi’s name has been associated with this antenna type since that time.

Below are some videos on how to build your own antenna.
Their YouTube channels are listed so you can go check out all their videos.

I have personally used videos from both of these guys when making some of my own antenna’s. So if you were wondering if they actually work the answer is Yes they do and they work very well at that.

So have a watch and go check out their YouTube channels for all their other videos.


Dave – KG0ZZ

Dave’s YouTube Channel

Larry – WD0AKX
RadioHamGuy’s YouTube Channel
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Safety First:
Please use caution and keep common sense safety rules in mind when installing any antenna.
Never install antennas near power lines or in any location that would place people or pets within the near field radiation pattern of an antenna.