Build a double bazooka antenna. Scroll down to see all the diagrams.

Dave Tadlock: KG0ZZ
Dave has lots of ham radio videos (and others) on YouTube. I’ve personally used some of his shared information for my own use and have been quite successful following his videos. Give him a visit when you can.
Daves YouTube Channel
Daves Website

I am currently using a 20, 40 and 80 Meter double bazooka built off these diagrams, and I’ve talked all over the planet with them. I used RG-8 (Mini 8) coax for my builds.
Note:K3DAV website no longer exist and hasn’t for a while, I have spoke to him via email and he was happy to see them still in use.

6 meter FM

6 Meter Side Band

10 Meter

11 Meter

12 Meter

15 Meter

17 Meter

20 Meter

40 Meter

60 Meter

80 Meter

160 Meter