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Dr. Tamitha Skov – Space Weather Woman Website

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Helioviewer – pretty cool

Space Weather Prediction Center

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  • Have we passed solar minimum? May 31, 2020
    The recent M-class solar flare from a sunspot region that belongs to Solar Cycle 25 was a wake up call for everyone who keeps an eye on the weather in space. Who would have thought that we would see an M-class solar flare while we are so close to solar minimum? Not many of us […]
  • Yesterday's M-flare producing active region rotates into view May 30, 2020
    The sunspot region that was responsible yesterday for what could be the first M-class solar flare of Solar Cycle 25 has now rotated into view.
  • First M-class solar flare of a Solar Cycle 25 region! May 29, 2020
    925 days. That is the amount of time we had to wait since we last saw a M-class solar flare on the Sun. But today the wait is over. An impulsive M1.19 solar flare (minor R1 radio blackout) took place on our Sun this morning peaking at 07:24 UTC. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory seems to […]
  • Time flies... Roll on Solar Cycle 25...? May 4, 2020
    Time flies. Another month has passed and summer along with shorter nights is closing in for us northern hemisphere sky watchers.
  • G1 geomagnetic storm, Coronal hole faces Earth April 21, 2020
    Some unexpected action yesterday! The minor G1 geomagnetic storm threshold was reached on two occasions yesterday (10:44 UTC and 14:18 UTC) and a coronal hole faced our planet! Where did this mysterious geomagnetic storm come from and what can we expect from the earth-facing coronal hole? Keep on reading to find out.
  • April... The month of solar minimum? March 31, 2020
    Hello everyone and welcome to April. Could this month be a turn around point for us solar watchers? Is Solar Cycle 25 about to start? Understandable questions which we will shed some light on later in this article.