The purpose of Urgent Watch is to offer a platform to allow members to see and report what’s going on in their communities and around the world. We are facilitating communication among individuals and groups to assist in events such as natural disasters, pandemics and civil unrest.

The information available to the public is often skewed by biased news coverage and dangerous political discourse. We usually have to scour many different social media pages, government data sources and often depend on sometimes unreliable word of mouth to find out what is happening in our cities and across the globe.

When emergencies happen, we think it’s important to help ourselves and others by working together and being equipped with important information so we are prepared for all situations.

Keeping an eye out for each other…

→ Real-Time incident reporting
→ Email Alert System
→ Supplies and Food Swap
→ Up to date Weather Alerts by state
→ Custom Profiles for emergency groups
→ Stealth Incident Reporting for groups
→ Alert, Weather and Prepping Forums
→ Privacy-centric servers & member policies
And More…